Looking For Seoul Food? This Grocery Store Chain Specialises In All Things Korean!

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What Makes It Awesome

Set up by Karuppaiah Pazhani Yadav, the Seoul Store has its flagship store in Nungambakkam. One step into the store and you’re going to find yourself surrounded by far too many options, but almost everything you could want when it comes to Korean food. With a large number of Koreans living in the city, it only seems fair that there should be grocery stores catering to their needs, restaurants that would help them get a taste of home and just be able to feel like they are welcome in our fair city. This grocery chain in the city provides exactly that!

Seoul Store has dry foods like canned tofu and popular Korean snacks; they also have imported frozen foods, including some Japanese products! If you’re looking for canned seafood, they’ve got tuna and salmon, mackerel and more all by Chicken Of The Sea. Looking for sauces? They’ve got a whole selection of them as well including Oyster Sauce and even East Asian Style Tobasco Sauce!

Of course, most importantly, Seoul Store's got the famous Neoguri packet noodles which are so authentically Korean that you would regret not buying all of it (perfect for midnight cravings!). For the adventurous few, the makers of Neoguri also have 'Chapagetti' that is available at the store, so why don’t you give this packet of noodles a shot? And while Koka Instant Noodles is not Korean, everybody does enjoy a bowl or two, so why not get some of that to go too?