Have You Been To This Brit-Style Pub Yet?

1983 Interested |

Sherlock, the British themed pub that launched in Chennai a year ago, has a second branch at the Le Royal Meridien. Much like the first one, the Sherlock at Meridien has a grunge approach to décor that really makes it stand out. The pub is in the basement and has bright neon motivational quotes and Holmes-themed motifs on the walls, plush velvet carpeting, and big, leather chairs and couches.

Like most pubs in Chennai, Sherlock also functions as a club in the evening hours and has a sizeable dance floor with a DJ table overlooking it. There’s an outdoor smoking area on the ground floor along with a pool table for the patrons to enjoy. The beverage section features the usual selection of beers and cocktails that we know and love. Food wise, the bar fare like peanuts and mixture are available for free (something we think every bar should do!), however, we particularly liked their paneer kebabs and chicken tikka starters.

So beat the crowd, and head to Le Royal Meridien to check out the coolest pub in town!