Coffee Is Pyaar? These Are The Best Cafes In The City!


    We all love our kullad chais, but you know what they say... Coffee ka kaam sirf coffee hi kar sakta hai. So here's where you gotta head to get your artisanal coffee hit, coupled with a great (AKA cosy) ambience.

    Bookmark this list for coffee dates, too. We promise you'll be thankful!

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    Bombay Coffee House, Bandra and Fort

    We're just gonna start with the obvious ones. This lowkey old-world-esque Coffee House is a cozy spot to grab a cuppa with a small meal. If the madness at Linking Road gets your goat, escape to the (mostly) serene Bandra outlet, and you'll be spending hours here. While the menu isn't huge, the options are quite varied (Hakka Noodles and Rajma Chawal, both) and they've got great freshly baked goods to go with the coffee.

    The Boojee Cafe, Bandra

    Boojee Cafe

    Bandra West, Mumbai

    We swear we're trying to make this NOT Bandra-heavy. But the Boojee Cafe is too cute to leave out of this list! With many options for eating healthy, this is an awesome place to go to if you've been thinking of shaving off a few pounds - especially with all those New Year resolutions haunting you. They've got vegan, gluten-free and keto food options to go with the coffee, which they offer with soy/almond/lactose-free milk, too!

    Kala Ghoda Cafe, Kala Ghoda

    The adorable (yet iconic) Kala Ghoda Cafe is a rite of passage for the coffee enthusiasts of the city. Their in-house blend (which you can buy by the bag at the cafe, btw) is an amazing one, and they've also got amazing food... But you already know that. Head here during office hours to avoid the rush that's usually here.

    Leaping Windows, Versova

    This quaint (but by no means ignored) Versova spot uses a house blend, which is a single-estate coffee from Basically, it's great coffee! They've got Bulletproof Coffee too, if you're about that life, and food that's vegan, , keto and gluten-free. The comic book library they have is a great way to show off your nerdyness to your date, and they've got rare comics, too! 

    Blue Tokai, Multiple Locations

    Another go-to for coffee lovers, Blue Tokai is located across seven locations in Mumbai and is almost always buzzing with working professionals, students and coffee lovers like you and me. From SoBo to Sububrs, this coffee chain has surely won many hearts. 

    The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Lower Parel

    While it's got a lot more than just coffee, this joint is never a bad idea if you want to grab a good cup of joe! Apart from their classic Cappuccino, you can also opt for their caramel and mocha latte. 

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