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    Kitty Love: Spend Time At An Ashram Full Of Cats The Next Time You're In Goa

    Jayati posted on 26 March


    A loving couple have opened up their home into a beautiful cat ashram in Goa, and they’re looking for volunteers, donations and lots of love.

    Purr Me More

    Cat Ashram in Goa has been started off by husband-wife duo, Jyotsna and Jurgen Grosser. They moved to Goa as recent as in April, and ever since have been working towards creating a safe space for the felines that often abandoned in the city of beaches, and fun.

    Jyostsna, and her husband both loves cats, and after seeing the plights of the cats in Goa decided to do something about it. Though named ‘Cat Ashram’ it’s basically where they live in Arambol, but their verandah and house is a warm loving space.

    It all started with a stray cat, Ginger who was found in their neighbourhood. At that time, they had been fostering and taking care of two dogs, so the cat wasn’t as receptive to them. However, once the dogs had gone, Ginger was brought in and sterilised. Through their work, they are trying to raise awareness about sterilisation of cats, rescuing strays, and abandoned cats and ensuring they are taken care of.

    How Can You Help?

    You can help by donating money, or by donating things like trash bags, blankets for the cats, catnips, cat food, cat collars, or anything that helps in raising and taking care of the cats.

    In fact, they are also looking for volunteers who can rescue abandoned cats {especially the ones that are in dire need of help} and bring them to the ashram.

    And of course, they are welcoming people to come over and play around with the cats. The idea ultimately is to grow the space into a cat café-esque space – wherein people can come spend time, volunteer, and most of all, help with raising sterilisation awareness. To give a sense of the costs they are dealing with, the process of sterlisation costs approximately INR 1,500.

    So, We’re Saying…

    It’s a lovely small community initiative by them, and we’re hoping in time it grows bigger. If you’d like to get in touch with them for donation, helping or just going over to talk to them, drop them a message on Facebook.

    Find them on Facebook here.

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