Tolkiendils, There's A Hobbit-Themed Cafe In Koramangala And It Looks Straight Out Of The Shire

    Koramangala, Bangalore

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    Yes, there's a bit of Middle-Earth in Bangalore and it's in Koramangala. Aptly dubbed The Hobbit Cafe, the cafe is inspired by the houses of the hobbits in The Shire. Complete with those big round doors and windows, lots of green inside, and wait for it, Cirth symbols painted over the walls and ceilings. It's truly like stepping into the world created by the great JRR Tolkien. There's even exposed brick walls and one side of the cafe that with curved ceilings, just like Bilbo Baggins' home. We love that the cafe supports people with dwarfism, and gives them equal opportunities so that they can earn a livelihood without being discriminated in society.

    The menu is a bit of everything including regular cafe fare as well as some special Hobbit-themed dishes. The Chicken Bruschetta, Big Fat Carnivore Burger, Nut Case Chicken come highly recommended here. Apart from the food, make sure to try the drinks like Caramel Mojito and Irish Cream Mojito, their spin of marrying together two classics.

    For a full experience, definitely visit the cafe, but in case you cannot, you can always order in or have your food and drinks picked up.

      Koramangala, Bangalore