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Need A Coffee Fix? Kalmane Koffee Should Be Your Dealer

    Ashok Nagar, Bangalore

    What Makes It Awesome

    Simple black tables with cushioned stools and posters (all on coffee brands offered) make up the decor at Kalmane Koffees. Some of the outlets may be slightly cramped. But the rich aroma wafting in the air is more than enough to invite you in and make you stay.

    The retail chain of the 137-year-old Kalmane Estate (a coffee plantation near Chikmagalur), it caters to all kinds of coffee lovers, from classic filter coffee to espresso-based coffees as well as cold coffees. While the Kaapi Blue Grass (traditional South Indian filter coffee) is sure to give you a kick with its rich and familiar flavour, hardcore coffee enthusiasts pick the Kaapi Premium (pure and extra strong filter coffee). There are also versions like Kaapi Nelyani Gold (with a dash of cardamom) and Kaapi Cino (filter coffee with cinnamon). The Kaapi Mocha comes highly recommended for its distinct blend of filter coffee and chocolate. Want something cold? Try the Kol Koffee Krunch (cold coffee with biscuits), not too slushy or diluted with ice.

    Pair the cuppa with cookies, muffins or brownies. The soft and gooey Chocolate Brownie goes perfectly well with the coffee variants. But, if you want to go completely old school, they have South Indian snacks, too. Think Chilli Banana Chips, Ragi Murukku and Nippattu, among others. With interesting blends and even modern versions on their menu, Kalmane Koffees is here to prove that nothing can ever beat a tumbler of good old filter coffee. And, we couldn’t agree more.


    Get yourself a pack of their estate-grown coffee blends (available in the store) for that perfect brew at home.

      Ashok Nagar, Bangalore